Friday, November 03, 2006


Welcome to Bengalooru....Don't get amazed its not a new state which has cropped up ..but its our own Bangalore which got renamed as Bengalooru on Nov1, 2006.The reason - it sounds more in the spirit of Kannadigans.
Well its nthg new. We have already witnessed Bombay changing into Mumbai and
Calcutta getting renamed as Kolkatta.....I happened to ask few of my friends from Bangalore that did they like the change . Majority of them said its a political stunt but some of them were in favour of it and said that it should have been done much before . But what I personally feel is that in this tech savy part of the globe where u have people from almost all part of the globe , some section of people are feeling ignored in their own state and just to make their presence felt there will be some stunts like this .
For me... whats in a name but for others it might be a great thing which I fail to perceive . When we know something from so many years then why all of a sudden we should change its name.When the whole world is looking at Bangalore as its preferred destination then why don't we spend our time and energy in improving its infrastructure which is in a pathetic condition rather then getting into something which has only an emotional impact or rather political stunt to get votes.
The Biggest shock was that when the govt. of karnatka gave a notice to 1400 schools to shut down as they were violating a language policy " Imparting education through English instead of Kannada". When the countries like China and Japan are making special provisions for people in their country to learn english by any means ....our so called silicon valley ..Bangalooru is going to witness its young children getting deprived of that . I don't know whats the status of the above case but If our respected politicians and policy makers think this way then the dream of "India -2020" is going to get shattered . I really felt sorry for the sweeper who works in Infosys and once told Narayan murthy that she wants to send her kids to english medium school so that they can work in his company.
Thomas L. friedman , the author of the famous book "world is flat " coined the title in the conference room of Infosys in bengalooru when he saw people from different part of the globe , sitting thousands of mile away but able to do discussion using Video Conferencing.I think one of the thing which connected everyone out there was English . But if such political stunts continue to get implemented this way then its not late that someone will come with a new book titled " World is Flat with some dents ".The biggest repercussion of such policies is that poor people will never be able to take the advantage of economic revolution and hence the gap between the rich and the poor will only widen up.
When the whole world is busy growing globally .....we are spending our time and energy in seeping locally ...
Enjoy Madi.............................