Monday, March 30, 2009

Formula to make Educated Middle class Vote

I remember last year, I read in one of the newspapers that Bangalore recorded the lowest voter turnout among all the districts that went to the polls in the first phase of the Karnataka assembly elections .

Isn't that strange in a city inhabited by the people with lot of grey cells?

I'm quite happy with the initiatives taken by the various media houses to make the educated people realize the importance of voting ..especially the campaign "I swear" by Times of India Group . But does that really help to get the educated out of their homes n vote .There are many other campaigns happening on issues like "Global warming " ..But How much they have been successful ??.. does that really touch many people directly and make them realize the importance of subject..I am talking about most of the people .

One formula which will definitely work and make all the educated people vote will be " Tax rebate for people who vote whenever the elections are held."Still need to work out the details...

I have seen people, the so called educated middle class going crazy during financial year closure. In order to get the maximum benefit of tax rebates ,they simply do everything to save as much as they can. I understand money is important but the kind of interest they show during that period is different.At that moment nothing seems to be much more important than this activity.

We really want that the people should show the similar interest during election days.

I'm damn sure the educated middle class will throng the polling booths to vote... If voting is connected to some incentive like this ...

Thats why the saying goes as "Paisa Phenk Tamasha Dekh ".

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nominee for my web-space

Few days back I was thinking..what will happen to all the web space which I possess after my death...My profiles in social networking email accounts..etc.

People will be able to post some comments on my profile but there would be no more updates from my side...

People will be able to send me the mails but no reply back from my side.

I think there should be a provision to choose the nominee for these accounts . If the account holder passes away , these websites should give away the access to the nominees by some way..either by sharing the passwd etc.

Just googled a bit and found there is a new startup by the name of Legacy Locker, it offers an online repository for usernames and passwords that is released to a beneficiary in the event of a person's death.

Not a bad Idea though :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nano ....The revolution begins !!

"Nano" main Sapna..Sapno main Sajna..Sajna Pe Dil aa gaya ..

I'm damn sure I'm sounding like an AAJ Tak channel ..but this was exactly they were playing during the telecast of Nano Launch. Well hats off to their creativity !

When I was in US , I was asked by my friends that which car I possess..which car my bro has n which car my parents have etc etc. I replied back saying that in India, in middle class families.. mostly we have one car per family and not per person..but I think Nano could be the answer now .

After its share of ups n downs ..Nano is finally here..The Launch of Nano has many advantages as well as Disadvantages.


1)The car most of the people can afford.It is the cheapest car in the world.

2)Rise to a competitive environment where every manufacture will try to offer much more than Nano but keeping price in considerations .Its like a journey of mobile phones..from 10k to some hundred rupees.

3)It will give a tough competition to the 2- wheeler space ..

Disadvantages :

1)As many will be able to afford it , it will drastically increase the number of cars on the road..hence leading to a traffic congestion.

2)More cars..means much more emission and hence more pollution .

In a place like Bangalore, where the present traffic situation is already pathetic ..I don't feel its in a condition to embrace the situation where the number of cars r gonna increase drastically..

I feel there should be a rule to restrict the number of Nano cars in a city depending upon its infrastructure. If a state can't afford much Nano cars....simply hold responsible the CM of the state to deprive you of this comfort . Might they learn from this and put their heart n soul for the infrastructure development of their state.

Anyways... Everyone is looking forward to Ratan Tata's Pretty Woman...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

WinXP - Movie Maker Crash...resolved

I have a HP dual core winxp laptop ...Somehow whenever I used to use win movie maker s/w , the sytem used to shut down abrubtly ...

Just figured out the issue and now it is working fine.

Reason :

Movie maker is a heavy software and it seems both the CPU's were fully loaded .Due to this if the heat build-up gets too high, there’s a circuit breaker in the system that instantly shuts down the computer to protect it from damage.

So in case of dual core processors, we can use only one processor to achieve the task ..thus generating less heat as compared to two processors in action. To make your process run on a particular processor can set the process affinity.

Solution :

1) Go to Task Manager.

2) Select Process tab.

3)Right click on the process.

4)Select Set Affinity.

5)Finally select the CPU where you want to run your process.

Note : This is not a permanent setting. Everytime the application is launched, this setting needs to be done.

Now I am able to make my first Video using movie maker on my laptop successfully.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Online shopping in India

Well Just a thought about why I think online shopping as such didn't pick up in India after such a long time of IT boom ...the way it picked up in west.
People in west, prefer to buy everything if possible online especially the electronic gadgets. But this trend is still at a nascent stage in India .

In west..I feel people use their resources more optimally . They will neither waste time nor gas...going to a market to buy just a 10$ USB drive .They would do some research online..shortlist a brand and buy it online and spend their time doing something else.

-But In India we still prefer to go to a shop and feel the device with our hands and then buy it...We need to have some confidence before buying and that comes by seeing it with our own eyes and feeling it with our own hands:).I might waste my whole day to buy just a Rs500/- USB drive.

-In west, the internet based sites have won the confidence of their customers.They have built such a reputation with their customers that they are delivered the product exactly what they have asked for and also of good quality...Well I'm talking of the good online shopping sites..though there are many black sheeps too.

But In India somehow we still have to go a long way to build such a reputation. I had a bad experience of buying t-shirts from a quite renowned website.. Finally which got delivered were of different size and colour and literally bad quality.So I'm still not grown over that.

So few important things for an online shopping to pick up in India are :

1)Mindset : .
-We should start believing in a brand and realize the brand which we see on shop will be the same if it gets delivered in our homes.

2)Awareness :
Make us more literate in terms of evaluating a product..The whole info is on web..we don't need a sales person to use jargons and makes us buy what he feels is good.

3)Company - Customer relationship :
Company's should not compromise on the quality and win the confidence of their customers by delivering the product in time and in good shape.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Election Time 2009

"Party Party Everywhere..But None Worth to Vote "
- Gaurav Mengi

Its election time in India..n everyone is blowing their own trumpet..Thats wat the elections are all about...

This post is not against BJP but somehow I never kind of liked that party.I always felt there is too much of Saffronism n fanaticism in their beliefs...Just few days back I saw LK Advani making a strong Statement "Ram Mandir Ban ke Rahega"...I was simply pissed off....Is that your Manifesto Sir?...I would have been happy if he would have mentioned something like that .."We will construct a school where people from all religions can come and study..."

n today Varun Gandhi's statement added fuel to the fire. It's extremely sad that he belongs to such a respected lineage ..but maybe he has learnt this from his mentors in the party and that is what he vomitted in his rally....Might be this Gandhian grandson joined the wrong school of thoughts.

There are splits n alliances..only for the sake of seats and not for the national interests..there is no demarcation clearly defining the objectives of each party but rather if seats can be attained ..manifestos can be changed....

I still remember that once Omar Abdullah,when he became the CM was suggested that he should choose very Ideal candidates for his cabinet..By ideal he meant...No criminal background..well read..doesn't discriminate religion...etc etc...He replied back saying that if you mention such statments in a debate competition will receive a gr8 round of applause but in politics the dynamics are too different.....

Actually that day I felt concerned and Sad because then that means The ideal party will only exist in Books...

So let's see How the story unfolds as the day passes by....

Thursday, May 17, 2007