Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Online shopping in India

Well Just a thought about why I think online shopping as such didn't pick up in India after such a long time of IT boom ...the way it picked up in west.
People in west, prefer to buy everything if possible online especially the electronic gadgets. But this trend is still at a nascent stage in India .

In west..I feel people use their resources more optimally . They will neither waste time nor gas...going to a market to buy just a 10$ USB drive .They would do some research online..shortlist a brand and buy it online and spend their time doing something else.

-But In India we still prefer to go to a shop and feel the device with our hands and then buy it...We need to have some confidence before buying and that comes by seeing it with our own eyes and feeling it with our own hands:).I might waste my whole day to buy just a Rs500/- USB drive.

-In west, the internet based sites have won the confidence of their customers.They have built such a reputation with their customers that they are delivered the product exactly what they have asked for and also of good quality...Well I'm talking of the good online shopping sites..though there are many black sheeps too.

But In India somehow we still have to go a long way to build such a reputation. I had a bad experience of buying t-shirts from a quite renowned website.. Finally which got delivered were of different size and colour and literally bad quality.So I'm still not grown over that.

So few important things for an online shopping to pick up in India are :

1)Mindset : .
-We should start believing in a brand and realize the brand which we see on shop will be the same if it gets delivered in our homes.

2)Awareness :
Make us more literate in terms of evaluating a product..The whole info is on web..we don't need a sales person to use jargons and makes us buy what he feels is good.

3)Company - Customer relationship :
Company's should not compromise on the quality and win the confidence of their customers by delivering the product in time and in good shape.