Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nano ....The revolution begins !!

"Nano" main Sapna..Sapno main Sajna..Sajna Pe Dil aa gaya ..

I'm damn sure I'm sounding like an AAJ Tak channel ..but this was exactly they were playing during the telecast of Nano Launch. Well hats off to their creativity !

When I was in US , I was asked by my friends that which car I possess..which car my bro has n which car my parents have etc etc. I replied back saying that in India, in middle class families.. mostly we have one car per family and not per person..but I think Nano could be the answer now .

After its share of ups n downs ..Nano is finally here..The Launch of Nano has many advantages as well as Disadvantages.


1)The car most of the people can afford.It is the cheapest car in the world.

2)Rise to a competitive environment where every manufacture will try to offer much more than Nano but keeping price in considerations .Its like a journey of mobile phones..from 10k to some hundred rupees.

3)It will give a tough competition to the 2- wheeler space ..

Disadvantages :

1)As many will be able to afford it , it will drastically increase the number of cars on the road..hence leading to a traffic congestion.

2)More cars..means much more emission and hence more pollution .

In a place like Bangalore, where the present traffic situation is already pathetic ..I don't feel its in a condition to embrace the situation where the number of cars r gonna increase drastically..

I feel there should be a rule to restrict the number of Nano cars in a city depending upon its infrastructure. If a state can't afford much Nano cars....simply hold responsible the CM of the state to deprive you of this comfort . Might they learn from this and put their heart n soul for the infrastructure development of their state.

Anyways... Everyone is looking forward to Ratan Tata's Pretty Woman...