Friday, November 24, 2006

Fight For Survival ....

24th Nov, 8:30 a:m - Time to get up and get ready for office. Prepared Tea ..took the News paper and switched on MTV .Songs didn't seem to be interesting anymore so started flipping the channels and Landed on NAT GEO . That seemed little interseting as "Predators: Relentless Enemies" was coming . They were showing how lions are strategizing their attack on a herd of Bulls .

Bulls were trying their level best to defend themselves from these ferocious creatures and whenever they used to move towards the lion in a group....Lions had to recede .I thought its gonna be a different ball game today..Bulls empowering "The kings of the jungle" and the very first thought which struck my mind was the same old one "United we can do anything".

But Alas things were never like that. We all know that lions will never give up so easily.They are too aggressive and too Determined . Whenever the flesh is near how can they simply let it go. In their 15-20 mts jostle, lions could make out which one was the weaker(older) among them all and easy to attack. At one point, bulls managed to move to the other side of the lake and lions on other side. Again I felt game was all over..God saved poor bulls. But buddy..its a fight for survival...and again lions did not give up .

All lions except one started moving towards bulls again and started roaring at the top of their voice . Bulls also turned towards lions and got ready to face . Lions strategy was working ....they wanted to divert their attention because in the meantime one of the Lions had crossed the river from the other part of the lake and was ready to attack from behind. They attacked ..brutally injured the weaker bull but still all the bulls together managed to rescue that bull from them.....GR8..I was too happy for the poor bull .Lions kept gazing at them and bulls started moving far away from them.Again I took a sigh of relief that at last bulls managed to escape.

But all of a sudden something strange happened . There was something going on in the minds of one of the bulls. He thought that Lions are never gonna give up so easily and one of them had to succumb . That bull suddenly turned violent and started hitting the poor injured bull towards the lion and then wat was a direct invitation to the lions ... please come and have your prey . This time none of the bulls could rescue him and finally he became a treat for the lions. The sight was too alarming rather daunting .Story was over !! But I could not forget the way that poor bull was howling....... Finally the cries were all over and there was left only the carcass.

It was indeed a fight for Survival......for the lions to get the food which they got it.....for the selfish bull which served the poor bull to the lions and saved himself from their claws and for that poor bull which finally succumbed to the injuries...........and finally for get ready ASAP and go to the office and fight for my survival !!