Monday, March 30, 2009

Formula to make Educated Middle class Vote

I remember last year, I read in one of the newspapers that Bangalore recorded the lowest voter turnout among all the districts that went to the polls in the first phase of the Karnataka assembly elections .

Isn't that strange in a city inhabited by the people with lot of grey cells?

I'm quite happy with the initiatives taken by the various media houses to make the educated people realize the importance of voting ..especially the campaign "I swear" by Times of India Group . But does that really help to get the educated out of their homes n vote .There are many other campaigns happening on issues like "Global warming " ..But How much they have been successful ??.. does that really touch many people directly and make them realize the importance of subject..I am talking about most of the people .

One formula which will definitely work and make all the educated people vote will be " Tax rebate for people who vote whenever the elections are held."Still need to work out the details...

I have seen people, the so called educated middle class going crazy during financial year closure. In order to get the maximum benefit of tax rebates ,they simply do everything to save as much as they can. I understand money is important but the kind of interest they show during that period is different.At that moment nothing seems to be much more important than this activity.

We really want that the people should show the similar interest during election days.

I'm damn sure the educated middle class will throng the polling booths to vote... If voting is connected to some incentive like this ...

Thats why the saying goes as "Paisa Phenk Tamasha Dekh ".


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