Saturday, March 21, 2009

WinXP - Movie Maker Crash...resolved

I have a HP dual core winxp laptop ...Somehow whenever I used to use win movie maker s/w , the sytem used to shut down abrubtly ...

Just figured out the issue and now it is working fine.

Reason :

Movie maker is a heavy software and it seems both the CPU's were fully loaded .Due to this if the heat build-up gets too high, there’s a circuit breaker in the system that instantly shuts down the computer to protect it from damage.

So in case of dual core processors, we can use only one processor to achieve the task ..thus generating less heat as compared to two processors in action. To make your process run on a particular processor can set the process affinity.

Solution :

1) Go to Task Manager.

2) Select Process tab.

3)Right click on the process.

4)Select Set Affinity.

5)Finally select the CPU where you want to run your process.

Note : This is not a permanent setting. Everytime the application is launched, this setting needs to be done.

Now I am able to make my first Video using movie maker on my laptop successfully.

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