Friday, May 11, 2007

Its Hot .........

Its tooooo Hot but not sexy ...Bengalooru was never like that . Man its 40c these days........This once so called pensioner's paradise is literally burning ......Few years back people in Bengalooru didn't have the provision of even fans at home but now its difficult to survive without an air conditioner. Thats the story of deep south . Lets go to my birth place Kashmir....extreme North . At this time all the mountains there should have been covered by the snow. But alas! there is hardly any snow left even at the peaks ....its touching 30c..... Boss wats happening and whose responsible for it ..... Is it some new planet ..I'm damn sure its not the one which our great grandfathers left for us . Is it the consequences of too much need for the comfort........Is it the consequences of growing economy....Is it that we have taken our nature too much for granted........

Fact is today I'm able to afford almost all basic comforts. If its hot..replace a single fan in the room with two..n if u can spend more.. buy an airconditioner.....who the hell is this "NATURE"....I hardly have any time for myself then why the hell i should bother for this invisible entity "NATURE".
Simply How Selfish n mean I have become . So many much of propaganda..then why are we so ignorant about this whole concept of "Global warming".

There are some basic ethics which we all can follow in our daily lives ....i've tried to pen down few..n e'one is invited to add to this list...

-reduce waste by choosing reusable products instead of disposables .

- replace all incandescent light bulbs and start using fluorescent bulbs .
(I can't say that i did it after thinking about global warming but just to save enormous electricity bills.But anyhow its good.)

-turning off lights when you leave a room, and using only as much light as you need.
(atleast try to do).

- Remember to turn off your television, worldspace and Laptop when you're not using them.

-if you have the means to plant a tree, start digging.
(presently no means).

-Help promote community carpooling.
(office is 1o mts from my home..I go walking ....).

-Take public transit whenever possible.
(Always take Auto Rickshaw....).

-Avoid plastic bags as much as you can .
(hardly follow this ......But try to work on this)


Dev said...

Gaurav, you should read Scott Adams take on global warming..Its good I think., I havent read that also...

Gaurav Mengi said...


Bhagwat said...

great going buddy..