Saturday, May 12, 2007

Second Innings ?

Theres a whole lot of talks....discussions..viewpoints..arguments related to the APJ's second term as the President of India....Many people are in favour of it n as usual many against....

Well as far as I'm concerned ....I Don't admire him because he is the President of the country but because the way he chased his dreams inspite of abject poverty.....His books "wings of Fire"..."Ignited minds" are no less than Bhagwat Gita to me . I think he is the only President of the country till today with whom I feel or many people feel connected in some ways.....The previous Presidents like Shankar Dayal Sharma, R Venkataraman .......I just knew their names because they were President of the country....My relationship with them was only that much and nthg else.

There is something different about this President . What I think HE is :

- A self made genius .

- A very humble n down to earth personality....

- A very approachable person.

- He's a source of inspiration n motivation for lot of children and not only that he's quite well connected with them. Look at the site Children's Gallery .He has answered almost all the questions asked by children .

- A great Visionary .

- Emphasis on Youth empowerment .

- Believes in creating knowledge Industry and feels that it is going to be the greatest asset to make India a self sufficient and developed nation.

- Wants to make everyone tech savy...

- Tours a lot and interact with lot of ppl anywhere n everywhere be it in Siachin glaciers.....or in Submarines..

- n the list goes on.....

Today India is boasting upon "large young population"....then this young population really needs such inspirational icons..I feel its better if he continues as the President for the 2nd term or his replacement should be with the one who has somewhat similar thoughts n should be an inspiration for the youth of the country ....whose work should speak rather than only his speeches on 26th jan or 15th Aug. We really don't want Babus.....

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